Kieran Halpin (1955-2020)

Sorry, das geht heute nur auf Englisch. Ich habe schlechte Nachrichten:

I received the sad news last night that my good friend, the great Irish songwriter Kieran Halpin passed away yesterday morning. We shared many songs, lyrics, stages and bottles of wine over the last, well, almost 20 years. So many memories…

The last song he ever recorded was a shared version of „I Will Remember Love“ as a guest appearance on my latest album. I remember how pleased we were with the result of this duo-session at Manfred Leuchter’s Musentempel in Aachen last year. All three of us became a bit misty-eyed listening back in the control room. Yeah, another „job done“. Then Corona stopped us from sharing the stage but we still tried to keep it going – virtually, as you can see below.

I will be forever grateful that we got to spend some time, sit down and talk just about everything one more time when we met in Bayern about two months ago, not knowing it would be the last time. Rest in peace, my beautiful friend.